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I believe gifts are a powerful means to connect, motivate, show respect to people, and tell a story.

Whether it’s for personal, friends, family, or for special events – birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, graduation, teacher’s day, wedding, employee appreciation, corporate, etc. –  custom gifts are both unique and thoughtful.

Show your appreciation or create a distinctive impression by including an initial of the recipient or your brand.

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Charmlicious Bag Charms

Accentuate your bags and give them an ‘Insta’ look with these absolutely adorable miniature food charms.

You have seen them everywhere, big ones, small ones, fluffy ones, glittering ones… but the one thing these playful little bag add-ons all have in common is that they scream “I’ve got personality and I’m not afraid to show it!”

Welcome to the world of charming bag charms!

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I Heart Smoothie

Although it’s very fulfilling to live a vegan lifestyle, it can be hard in certain situations..

Whether you are a vegan looking for gifts to encourage yourself; or to gift someone an item that you can stand behind 100%; or you just have friends or family who are vegans and don’t know what to get them – These cute handmade smoothie charms got you covered!

You can carry them anywhere from your jacket zipper to your phone to your planner to your AirPods case to your bags or keychains.

These will surely add fun and joy to your daily routines and holiday as well as encourage yourself and your loved one for being vegan.

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